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Corporate Training


Medical Coding Interview Requirement: To get through the Medical Coding Interview process, candidates are expected to have undergone medical coding training in medical terminologies, human anatomy, physiology and pathology & ICD and CPT codes with corresponding coding scenarios. At Core2Code, our trainers are industry experts and doctors who can impart the best medical coding practices for a successful career ahead.

Delivery of work: A trained coder can handle the reports with ease when compared to the non-trained counterpart. The process of medical coding is target driven that directly reflects on the reimbursement of the billing company. Hence companies are looking for well trained individuals. At Core2Code, we expose

Medical Transcription is the process of converting voice files to data for the purpose of documentation. It is one of the platforms in the Healthcare IT sector that is in huge demand for skilled manpower. At Core2Code, we offer Medical Transcription Training at a fast and easy pace to deliver the requirement the industry demands. We offer classroom as well as online training facilities at flexible timing with placement assistance for you to successfully endeavor in the field.

There are various countries that are presently outsourcing the recorded voice files to India for transcription. UK and Australian transcription are a few to name. Transcriptionists need to be well versed in

Medical Record Review is a major division of the Healthcare IT sector. This career deals with assessing the clinical care by comparing the medical records with a measurable standard criteria. A reviewer will be responsible to analyze the reports, categorize and summarize them into a referable pattern for the providers, payors or attorneys. Medical Record Review Training at Core2Code gives you an advantage of getting comfortably placed in leading Healthcare BPO’s.

Who are eligible?
Recruiters have set an eligibility criteria for selection. Medical professional like dentists, Siddha and Ayurveda doctors, Physiotherapists are the most preferred group. Nurses, Pharmacists and candidates with Masters in any Life-Science stream like Botany, Zoology, Microbiology,

Medical Billing Training Certification Programme Details:
Duration : 1 month

Topics Covered:
Introduction to US Healthcare
Revenue Cycle Management
Payment types
Basic Computer Applications
Understanding HIPAA
Introduction to CPT, ICD and Modifiers
CMS 1500 Claim form
Medical Billing Softwares

Accounts Receivable (AR) form an important department of the Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management sector. AR refers to the outstanding invoices a company has or the money the company is owed from its clients. The phrase refers to accounts a business has a right to receive because it has delivered a product or service. Receivables essentially represent a line of credit extended by a company and due within a relatively short time period, ranging from a few days to a year.

This job mainly involves candidates to call the patient, payor or provider with regard to the payment of the claims. Preferable shift is during the night to map with the US work timings.

Why AR Caller Training is required?
A good

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